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KEA Real Estate is a real estate investment consulting firm specializing in land investment that has developed flexible and unique strategies to create wealth for investors.


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A few of the actual land deals in our investors' portfolio

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Profits From Sale Of Vacant Land

Acquisition Cost: RM350,000

Sale Price: RM1,700,000

ROI: 385.71%

Annual Return: 39.97%

Compounded Annual Return: 17.8%

Investment Period: 9.65 years

House Frames

Profits From Joint Venture

Acquisition Cost of Land: RM220,000
Total Value Of Property Obtained: RM2,986,220
ROI: 1,257.37%
Annual Return: 91.11%
Compounded Annual Return: 20.80%
Investment Period: 13.8 years


161% Return In Less Than A Year

Acquisition Cost: RM650,000 
Sale Price: RM1,700,000  
ROI: 161.54%  
Annual Return: 273.8%
Compounded Annual Return: 410.14%  
Investment Period: 0.59 years


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